Liquid Thermal Insulation Bronya Classic

Applied like a paint – works like a thermal barrier!

Liquid thermal insulation Bronya Classic is a universal basic composition suitable for various applications which has high and stable adhesion to metals and construction materials. Thermal insulation Bronya Classic is a temperature resistant, weather-protective, not vapor-resistant coat which contains rust inhibitors.

Extra-fine insulation Bronya Classic is highly effective for insulation of building sides, roofs, internal walls, window jambs, concrete floors, hot and cold water supply pipelines, steam pipelines, ducting for air conditioning systems, cooling systems, various vessels, tanks, trailers, refrigerators and etc. It is used to avoid condensing on cold water supply pipelines and to decrease heat loss in pursuance of Construction Norms and Regulations (SNiP) in heating systems. The product is suitable for use in temperatures from -60° to +200° С (up to +260 in peak short-term period). Product service life is up to 15 years. Nowadays our product is used in facilities and operations of a wide range of fields.

Liquid extra-fine thermal insulation Bronya Classic is the best extra-fine thermal insulating material that you have ever seen, used and applied! Thanks to modern in-house laboratory, possibility to promptly use latest products of global leaders in the chemical industry for improvement and optimization purposes, rich experience in development and implementation of extra-fine coats into industrial production, our liquid thermal insulator Bronya Classic has unsurpassed thermophysics, moldability and airiness.

Plastic 20L bucket of thermal insulating paint Bronya Classic weighs only 9.5 kg. During transportation and storage, liquid thermal insulation Bronya practically does not get fractionalized. Competitors’ outdated formulas are limited by use of last century components and cannot have the same results as the chemistry has made significant strides during last years and we keep abreast.

Extra-fine thermal insulation Bronya Classic is delivered in the following packages:

Bronya Classic 5L

Bronya Classic 10L

Bronya Classic 20L

Extra-fine thermal insulation Bronya Classic NF

Bronya Classic NF is identical by form and package with low-flammable (basic) modification.

Video test for Bronya Classic NF not-flammability

It is important to note!as of today, we are not aware of similar not flammable thermal insulating coats having identical with our basic modifications thermal conductivity of 0.001; – and also we are not aware of complete competing equivalents of these modifications produced by other LCTIM manufacturers.

However the market has:

  • non-flammable coats with NF (non-flammability) certificate including coats produced by manufacturers of LCITM with some (or with no) thermophysical effect who suggest to apply it onto their basic modification (which thermal conductivity is not confirmed by the way) in order to supposedly receive finishing thermal insulating coat with non-flammability certification… No comments
  • liquid ceramic thermal insulating material having non-flammability certificate but which claimed thermophysics is 2-8 times higher than 0.001 (in most cases with no legal confirmation of thermal conductivity at all).

Table of specifications Bronya Classic

Indicator Unit Value
Coat form Smooth, uniform, mat white color film
Coat resistance to temperature differences is from -40° to +60° С Coat form no changes
Service life for concrete and steel surfaces in boreal climate (Moscow) years not less than 15
Material thermal conductivity coefficient W/m° С 0,0012
Material vapor conductivity coefficient mg/m h Pa 0,003
Surface temperature during material application °С from +7 to +150
Service temperature °С from -60 to +200 (up to +260 for peak short-term period up to 30 minutes)
Material density at 20° С kg/m3 600±10%
Volatile matter content, max % 43
Hydrogen ion exponent рН 7,5-11,0
Drying time and film formation at 20±2° С, min h 24
Coat adhesion with respect to the peeling-off force, min
– to concrete and brick surface
– to steel


Coat resistance to static impact at 20±2)°С, min
– Water
– 5% NaOH solution
Coat form no changes
no changes
Coat resistance to thermal effect at 200±5° С, min Coat form no changes